To be on top in providing lifelong learning opportunities for all.


Accepting the philosophy of Lifelong Learning as the part of the Total education programme.


Strengthening process of human resources development through continuing education programmes.
1. Strengthening process of self-learning society.
2. Department of Lifelong Learning Carries the vision of providing value based education for everyone and promoting creative skills for every age group.
3. It has always been the priority of the Department to engage that part of society which remains deprived of professional skills and education due to various reasons and the skilled once who due to the lack of opportunities are unable to express their creativity.
4. The focus lies on home makers, drop out students, under privileged so they get to express themselves in their aptitude areas.


• Women empowerment is distinctively a priority of the department.
• Environmental awareness is always paid attention.
• To enable students nourish their creativity to the maximum under the guidance of learned faculty members.


• Bridging the gap between formal and non- formal education
• Reaching to the deprived groups for the purpose of providing educational opportunities.
• Providing learning facilities according to community needs.
• Problems and issues, matching educational content relevant to the learners and community needs.
• Providing vocational education courses to generate employment opportunities.
• The Department is always active in specified activities and more as per the need of time